Classic soul music meets R&B with the unique and incredible emotion that Detroit-based, ANA, displays in her performance. As a powerful vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, she continues in a legacy of creating raw and authentic music with feeling. ANA produces and composes music by channeling the feelings of our time and the imagination of our future.

Alongside music, Ana uses multi-media art as a way to reflect compelling thoughts, personal history, and trauma processing. She considers every natural creative expression to be an extension of herself, and is drawn to studying emotionality as a tool for healing through different mediums including life drawings, illustration, painting, and animation. She finds joy in creating works that explore spirituality, intimacy, vulnerability, and empowerment. 


Dedicated to activism through art, she continues to develop creative projects that entertain themes of humanity and multi-cultural experiences. She spends time organizing locally and nationally to advocate for artists and marginalized identities. 



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