Fall With Me Live

ANA uplifts the spirit of love and connectivity in a world full of hatred and division. “Fall With Me” helps us seek beauty out of disaster with her divine voice and heavenly guitar. Live From The ADZKN Artist House: Rebellion Edition features Layali + Surar, Jae Bass, & ANA

Freedom Meditation & Visual

This past year has challenged me to be still. I've taken a lot of time to sit with myself and my extremely broad spectrum of emotions. Even sound and color need time for silence so we can recognize and honor the way they move us. Meditation is where I'm able to source my imagination. In my meditations I invoke my senses, I feel my breath and I surrender into gratefulness for my existence.

Grey Phenomenon

Bernie Sanders Rally, Ann Arbor 2020

I had partially written this song, but didn't feel inspired to finish it until I was spontaneously asked to play during the Bernie rally. I knew I had to perform something special, I wanted to deliver a powerful, positive message, and this song finished itself for the occasion!


Video: Tim Blackman 

Foreign Language

Filmed by Mike Lima

In a foreign language, 

your love for me is real. 

But the words, lost in translation,

can't compare to how I feel. 

If a tree falls in a forest,

and no one is around, 

is the crash absorbed in silence?

Does the forest hear the sound?

When our hearts are spoken,

we are open like the sky,

and we reflect each other,

and we lose track of time. 

Honey Monsoon-
Sign of Life

On a snowy January night, Honey Monsoon recorded this song for Honey Monsoon's second album, Opal Soul. This live video represents the rawness and honesty of our self-produced project.